What's New


Union Chemicar UK Ltd have recently installed a third slitting machine in the Rotherham factory. The machine is capable of winding ribbon on both 1" and ½" cores. This allows greater flexibility in production and increases overall production capacity.


Union Chemicar UK Ltd and Union Chemicar Netherlands B.V. will share a stand at Frontline Solutions this year. The show is held at the RAI in Amsterdam, Netherlands from 16th to 18th October 2001. Our stand is Number 1500, why not pay us a visit?0, US350, US450, UD150, UH100, Sharp, Panasonic, Xerox, Brother, Canon, Toshiba, OKI, BT, Sagem, Murata, Philips, Zebra, TEC, Datamax, Sato, Intermec, C-Itoh, Union Chemicar, Union Chemicar UK, Union Chemicar Netherlands, Chemicar, Union, Citizen, fabric ribbon cassette, fabric cassette, ribbon cassette, ink ribbon cassette, ink ribbon, epos ribbon cassette, epos cassette, epos ribbon, dot matrix printer ribbon, dot matrix ribbon, dot matrix cassette, printer cassette, printer ribbon, Ink roller, DEC, Eaton, Epson, Fujitsu, IBM, ICL, Mannesmann Tally, Mitsubishi, NCR, Nixdorf, Nokia, Olivetti, Omron, Star, Carma number, German number, Carma, SR302, SR402, DP400, DP600, MD910, MP40, DFX5000, ERC03, ERC09, ERC11, ERC18, ERC23, ERC27, ERC30, ERC31, ERC32, ERC34, ERC35, ERC37, ERC38, LQ800, LQ1000, MX80, MX100, FDP20, T4, MT130, MT660, M412, T700, ND10, BEETLE 60, ND77, NDP10, ML182, ML590, DM109, PR45, RS11, SP200, SP300, MA1040, MA1650, MA4500, CP09, CP08, CP03, 100M, CP07, IR80, MP200, NCR2116, MA150, MA140, MA135, IR90, IR91, IR40, IR40T, CP10, CP12, NCR2117, IR50, MA230, CP11, IR93, EA780, NCR2113, CP15,